L.K. Boutin was a founder of ICTA who passed in 1985 and left a portion of his estate to the organization to carry on the work of developing community theatres in Iowa. This year the Iowa Community Theatre Association received the greatest number of applicants in the Boutin history. It made the review of grant requests a very difficult decision.

Since his death, the Board has awarded grants of up to $500 to member theatres in support of specific projects. To date, over $33,800 has been awarded.

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The ICTA Board of Directors is privileged to announce the recipients of the 2015 Grants:

Audubon Country Players - $500 - When your theatre home moves locations for productions it takes a toll on your sets and equipment. This Boutin Grant is awarded to purchase Muslin to be used for building, replacing and
fixing sets needed for productions.

Community Players of Greene County - $225 - assuring that the audience can hear productions is key to theatre experience. This Boutin Grant is awarded to purchase two powered speakers with stands and required accessories.

New Minowa Players - $150 - reaching out to your audience and using modern technology to maintain contact is key to the success of both the theatre and each show. This Boutin Grant is awared to purchase the domain name.

Old Fort Players - $300 - reaching out to and engaging the next generation of theatre is key to the future of live theatre. This Boutin Grant is awarded to establish a children's theatre and its maintenance for 12 months.